Is your soul calling home?

Is poetry wanting to be moved between your lips
and a sense of creativity itching your finger tips?

Has a song awoken in your heart and is longing for your ears to hear and receive it?

And is your body yearning for movement, for dance and the wild abandonment and ecstatic bliss that only a feeling heart can manifest through awakened limbs?

Is your imagination following the signs of nature and reminding you of your passion for life and the curious spirit within?

Did you tell that story or write those words, or spoken at least one outrageous statement, so meaningful to you yet madness to anyone else?

Are you doing and being what you love 

and honouring those parts of your soul that long to be truly home?

Caroline Carey

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Middle Earths Origins

Tree of Life HB.jpg

Middle Earths Origins


My story

my hands

become the art

of my souls


No other path

can I follow

Because this is who I am

And only by giving to it

every breath

every dance

every meaning

Can I fulfil

my reason for being here.

My soul

my story

my offering.

And I choose to live by this, to believe it, to nourish it, because my soul knows no other way. I have learnt through living just how it is to bring our soul-purpose to earth. I have watched through my own journey, the flow of energy that has at times tried to burst its way through, sometimes too fast and sometimes without fully knowing why it is there. And I have had to slow down, take deep breaths, be patient for its coming, for its arrival.

The journey of the soul is a timely thing yet it knows no time. But for it to be effective and truly find its way, without bursting into madness, great care must be taken.

I have felt pregnant many times in my life with this energy force, searing at the seams of my desire and daring to show itself as a passionate dancing warrior with a tool bag of medicine, creative objects, bones and feathers of remarkable quality and smells and sensations that fingers love to touch and curl themselves around, seeking stories from every lingering passer by, that visits me in a dream or a shamanic journey.

My souls calling, that Hollow Bone state that follows through my middle earth being, living in this world as a middle earth child. Born on the Winter Solstice, inbetween, the dark the light, the shadow in-between, stretched between the differences ready to bring that same difference to the world and learn to live in that central place of not one or the other but both, to be stretched, always stretched. Yet calmly finding a way to accept, to deeply accept this place of conflict that can be so easily danced with, once we know its mighty force!

And to know its mighty force we must stand in that Vesicus Piscis, invite the dark and the light together, just as we do the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang and all of the forces of separation that they represent. And knowing then the brightest of lights, we become ‘one’ with all that is, we become the Divine Spirit that only this place can know.

Born a middle child, an older brother and a younger sister, I am in the middle, holding my own, am I male? Sometimes yes, I wear my brothers hand me downs, old jeans and sneakers, I try, yes only try to let him teach me football and rugby, there is at times no other ‘boy’ to play with, so I must. I fail at this sport, this sport I can make no sense of. But he digs up the old bones with me and that will suffice, our little pets that had to be buried, we look beneath the grave and find the oddments and to this day the bones are resurfaced to make medicine tools and creative pieces of wonderment.

Am I female? Sometimes yes, the little girl who came along needs her bigger sister, sometimes, to play those games that only girls will play, and then we find the dolls and the cuddly toys and the dresses and a pram that goes rusty when we leave it in the garden on rainy days, but in it amongst the slugs and snails who take refuge and seek out the crumbs from our picnics, we put our rabbits and our guinea pigs and push them around the garden, singing little songs and donning them with white lacy baby hats tied under their chins. I was introduced to jealousy however, in those days, I felt that curse begin to surface from under my skin, that pretty thing with the long golden hair and mine a strange reddish sort of ginger, my mother called titian blonde. I cut it off once, hers I mean, one day whilst left in the car at a parent teachers meeting outside the school. I found a pair of scissors and that was that. I spent along while in my bedroom, ‘contemplating’ I am told!

 Was I a boy or a girl, I could do both it seems, quite well. A useful way to merge in the world, one day doing my ballet classes and then being amongst ponies and horses and another with the boys on motor bikes and leather jackets, my yin and yang developing quite well as I found that pull with how to be correct in my mothers world and wear nice dresses and be good at the all girls public schools I spent my time at, until they told me to leave!

The environment was a nice middle class family, in a nice home with a garden, in the Midlands, the middle of the country I suppose that means? But it was the Midlands and somewhere near the Black Country, where my father worked in factories as a director, an important role, running the family business. The Midlands it seems is a good place to be, it holds many adventures from inner city life to the rural countryside that we eventually escape to. It seemed to hold a good array of interest for me, liking the going between, city and nature, city and nature. I liked the factories with the machinery, loud rhythmical sounds, smell of sacking and oil, the voices of the working classes, they swore a lot, even in jest, I liked that, my mother would never allow such words, I even said a few myself, when she could not hear. I put three-penny bits in the drinks machine and took them all cups or tea and coffee, I loved the smell of that dark rich roast, it looked like it stained their teeth, but it might have been the endless cigarettes they smoked?

And then the countryside, ah sweet nature, the animals and the places to hide, the deep dark tunnels of the stately home we lived in the grounds of, all wrecked and ruined but a wonderful adventure for us all. Trees, old hedgerows, metal gates and a wonderment of elemental experiences. I could be on my own here, but with my animals of course. They understood more than most I felt.

 I plunged into adulthood, with not much preparation, no middle ground to ‘practice’ from, to learn more mistakes and make some changes from them, I immersed into it well with many challenges sometimes losing that ground, but having to find it very quickly because of that baby in my belly and my mummy instincts for survival for us both, a necessity for me for him and the blind boyfriend at my side. Pregnancy was a strong teacher for me, as was and is motherhood.

Three boys and three girls, I stand again in the middle of the masculine and feminine, a mandorla of my own making, a balance of yin and yang, holding this youthful energy field as I created and brought human-beings into this world, each one with his or her many gifts and soul offerings. I watched them grow into theirs, knowing they were teaching me about mine, so fully so deeply, so determinedly, so matter of factly, ordinary lives meeting ordinary lives, we had our challenges and struggles, we came through time and time again and we became the poetry of our lives.

And now to learn why this all matters, and why it sculpts in to who I am now and why I must see this as my souls offering to humanity and beyond.

If we were all to look deeply into our lives and our history, what might we discover about our own souls calling?

from Hollow Bone; Middle Earth Medicine Ways © To be published 2017

Caroline Carey

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actions and re-actions

white owlWhat is the split part of me? What if anything do I really fear?
Am I so entrenched in the fears of being alone, that I must make my fear about others and their actions? Re-actions of theirs or our own?

Or do I sit in the quiet silence of my own fear and paranoia and ask myself, who am I to add to the mistrust of others, to the slavery of mankind, to the notion that I am one and I am separate?

For there is no separation, unless we fully believe in it!

There is only love if we make it so, there is only good if we believe it to be and there is a divine plan that at times leads us into the darkened world of chaos, where we dance that crazy dance of wild abandonment to uproot and re-root ourselves, churning up the mud and the debris asking ourselves over and over – ‘in the mirror of thee, I see myself’
But that in itself can be a journey full of fear, for sure. Even standing in the Center of our own conflict can and does create fear, we are pulled in many directions for sure!

But when we can whole heartedly enter into that river of chaos with a little more trust in our hearts and laugh at the mad makings of men and women, when we surrender to the rapids and undercurrents, when we learn to unite together in that flow of energy knowing there is so much more to life, that we are life and what really matters is already taken care of, we remember that we are such a minority in the greater scheme of things, such a minority on this vast and beautiful planet that is interconnected with the whole of the universe.

Time to do our inner work, to look within, to know our fears and know they belong to us, that our cellular systems need a deep cleansing so we come from a place of wisdom and clarity in what we need to do, without reacting from past stories and how it once was. Not scare-mongery, not anger towards others, not blame, not judgement, not ridicule……When the self stands strong and full of heart, then so does the ‘us’ that we become.

Yet our greatest fear since we left the mothers womb is separation, so we become addicts to ‘what’s mine,’ what ever that fear gets attached to.

It is always and has always been the most important time to do our inner work, to take responsibility for who we are and believe in ourselves and the goodness of each other, we are connected and always will be, there is no separation, we are one earth. Our primal instinctive nature knows this at a deep core level.

Caroline Carey

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Hollow Bone, 5 stages of soul work

Do you ever get that feeling that something is changing in your life! You have an idea what it is, but how it will unfold is still a mystery? We might get frustrated at these moments, needing to rush ahead and make these changes happen, to find meaning and purpose within them. We might try to force the change and start to shift things before they are actually ready to ‘be’ changed.

I can feel a sense of this right now, I know  what is happening for me and I also know that I must be patient and allow it to unfold gradually and gently, so that I do not miss the most important fine details of it coming together.
This change in my life is leading me down the ‘Hollow Bone’ pathway, to a new way of offering my work and it is very exciting!
There are new possibilities opening up and the time feels absolutely perfect. What I do know is that I am being guided to see the soul potential of my work and what is landing in the here and now.

It is very clear to me that one of our reasons for being born is to find out ‘why we are here’ and ‘what our soul purpose is?’ We are on a journey, opening our crown in wonderment and awe of the possibility.

We are hunters, for most of our lives, seeking that purpose, trying to find out who we are. It is a quest to find ourselves and some times it can drive us a little crazy as we go from task to task, from one belief to another and generally uprooting ourselves time and time again, in this hunter stage of our lives.
And then something happens. We literally drop-in and a little further down into the body, we meet with the earth and all she holds for us. We feel it in our solar-plexus, a heat, the sensation of grief and joy all at once. We remember – and suddenly all fits into place. There is a sense of belonging and the hunting is over, but this can be painful for we can no longer be invisible to who we really are.
We must show ourselves and that can be frightening as we have no idea what others will think about us. There may be strong judgements! People may want us to stay the same as we were before because it is familiar to them and safe. We may feel loss, as we have to let go of other ways we have lived because they no longer serve us. Once we truly begin, we become much more visible.

The next stage is to become the container for our work, the belly of our soul-offerings, to begin to manifest it and show ourselves. Our solar plexus is now filled with light and we step out. There is a huge amount of joy in our hearts, it is a truly ecstatic experience! Because the soul arrives home and shines its light right through our body. There are no more fears or worries about judgements, there is no place for this, because we simply know what it is we are here to do. No one can tell us otherwise and we have no doubts. We relax deeply into who we are.

It does not mean we never have any more struggles, depending on the work we are doing, but we do it with more ease, being patient with ourselves and understanding the core process that is happening. There is nothing to rush, we relax deeply into our being and we protect this light that has landed in our hearts.

And then we feel into our roots, we know their connection to the earth, we can feel that deep rooted sensation as they feed on the nourishment of the soil and we are received home, we are connected, as a channel between the earth and the sky.

The work of our soul begins to flow from this moment on. There is no need to worry about success or decision making, it is done and we can laugh at any idea of imperfections. Of course this Journey takes time and must be completed in all of its stages, all of its shape-shifting, theater of the human condition. It needs its ritual and its ceremony in order for us to be able to say ‘here I truly am.’

I am interested in your journey, what is the story of your souls home-coming, at what stage are you?


To take part in the Hollow Bone syllabus and the 5 stages of soul  please go to

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Soul Action – Awaken Your Dancer – Empower Your Soul – Embody Your Purpose in Life!

Many of us live with a sense that something is ‘missing’ – as if there is a void lurking beneath the surface of our lives that we can never quite fill. As a result, we can spend our lives endlessly seeking to fill that emptiness with more – more money, more possessions, more relationships. However, this is ultimately a fruitless quest because often what we are really seeking cannot be found ‘out there’ in the physical world for they are the lost parts of our soul – fragments that may have split off many years earlier. Long recognised by shamans, such soul loss is a form of psychic fracturing that can come about as a result of trauma, dis-ease or a dysfunctional upbringing. Not only does soul loss leave a legacy of ongoing dysfunction, fatigue, illness and depression, but it can also disempower us by crippling our ability to heal and move forward.

Reclaiming and reintegrating the lost parts of the soul is therefore a crucial first step towards self-empowerment. Only then can we align ourselves with our soul’s purpose in order to manifest the abundance of our highest potential.
Return to Soul.
When a person is abused and their innocence and youth is taken
from them, it can become a lifelong quest to regain this lost part of
themselves. It can take soul retrieval to gain back what was once
lost. During the moment of trauma, part of our soul leaves the body
and takes itself away to safety. We learn to forget. This is to protect
that innocent part of us so that it can return fully intact when it is safe
enough to do so, usually when the mature adult feels able to receive
it back or to ‘re-member’ and has adequate support for this, either
in oneself or from a therapist or support group. This can be after a
time of intense reprogramming, setting up new beliefs about oneself
and doing the healing work necessary to become more whole. This
sometimes, but not always, involves remembering the original
trauma. This is often a challenging time for the adult. Sometimes
it takes many years of therapy or counseling to reveal these old
memories, thus giving the survivor a chance to look at what occurred
all those years ago, to experience the feelings that went with that and
to deal with the hurt and anger that was never expressed. It would
most likely have been impossible to express what was needed then
and so these emotions lie locked inside the body. The child is often
very confused why this is happening and whether it is ‘normal’ or
The soul part continues its journey separately in the astral plains
obtaining knowledge and wisdom in the spiritual world. This can
often make the abused appear spaced out, away with the fairies, not
quite all here. She/he literally is not all here; part of their psyche is
missing, awaiting the right time to return to them or to remember
deep within. When that part has the right conditions to come back
into the body, the survivor can experience traumatic feelings and
emotions that could not be felt at the time of the actual abuse or
trauma all those years ago. That person is then extra sensitive and
takes time to accustom him or herself to having the whole (or part of
the whole) self back again; fitting that soul part into its old skin. This
takes time and patience.
from Reclaimed Innocence (MyVoice Publishing)
Caroline Carey
artist of painting –  Brenda May
See more at:
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Keep the wild elder small ?


Walking through the airport, shops everywhere, images everywhere, of what?

Did I see one woman above the age of 22? Ok maybe 32 if she was modelling anti ageing cream! What’s wrong with my ageing skin, my wrinkles, I’m proud of them! 

Slim line bikinis? What about something to swim in? 

No the older woman doesn’t need a costume, didn’t you know she swims naked! Of course!

No, please don’t squirt me with that awful smelling liquid you call Beauty, my husband would never forgive me. 

He asked me once, ‘What perfume do you like?’ I answered ‘You, my dear, after a hard days work, your animal, your sweet, sweat my dear’ he laughed and knew then I did not fall for wasted corporate nonsense!

And I thought, why is there an attempt to keep that wild and wise elder woman even just a little subdued about her weight, her arse, her chin, her skin…so boring!

Sexy will never equate to power, no matter how much we try to mask it up, make it look good, or try to give it life. It is under the skin that matters!

Yet there is a madness, a very clever controlling madness behind it all, this artificial make believe of femininity!

They know, too well, they know what lies in the old maturing bones and skin of the woman who knows herself, who likes herself as she is, who knows the inner journey of self release and soul returning home.

Do show me images of ‘that’ woman if you dare.
But what do you choose and why?

Keep the wise women small, by making her feel inadequate, inferior, too fat, too old, too wrinkly?

Shower her with images of what a real woman looks like – slim and young with perfect skin, toned and well proportioned, nice hair because she uses the right shampoo?

A flat belly that has never created, or nourished herself with a passion?

Keep the wise and powerful woman small by making her believe she doesn’t smell right and needs bottled aromas that dull her senses?

Dress her suited and booted however and deaden her creative ability to choose her own style, of leaves and feathers donning her hair instead of grips and sticky sprays?

Give her a mask to wear so her primal animal features show no more and skin is buried beneath a new product, idea, whose idea?

Keep the powerful and threatening to corporate world of materialism wild self realised ageing woman small by robing her of the mirror of her own sisterhood?

You find it ugly! Really?

So prevent her speaking out because her age shows that there is strength and endurance and ability far out reaching.

Keep the elder woman small because she is that very threat to changing the world ! The world that is hell bent on a profit.

Keep that wild elder woman, the primal instinctual being small and inhibited?



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Love Endures

He lies there
wings wrapped around his lover
protecting in their grief
and loss
he guides her to the upper worlds of ceremony
yet reminds her
of the middle world
where broken bones
and wounds
must endure
a timely resonance with the earth
and all it brings with it
the grounding force of having to be here
in this world
as well as the next


Caroline Carey


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