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The Critic looks in

  ‘Falling in love with oneself’ A conceited narcissistic action….. ….sometimes told, or others might think! For falling in love with your self holds dis-ease in the world of the grudge, And fall in love with oneself we prepare to … Continue reading

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… times when missing sweet earth

  A Love Letter To the Earth How wonderful it is to be so close to you, as I lay in your warm grasses feeling the delicacy of each blade and the softness of your touch as my fingers pass … Continue reading

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Speaking out…the power of voice

Yesterday I was asked to give an interview for Sky news. One can never be sure what one will be asked for in these things or what will be edited or remain on the cutting room floor so to speak. … Continue reading

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Tanssia neljässä suunnassa – liikkumisen taikaa

Thank you to Paulina, for sharing thoughts on my work…. Liinanblogi Shamaanikonferenssi, 3. aamupäivä Ekstaattisen tanssin ja meditaation ohjaaja Caroline Carey on yhdistänyt shamanismia ja tanssiterapiaa niin, että eritystä huomiota kiinnitetään tanssin yksilöllisyyteen, aitouteen ja hellävaraisuuteen (gentleness). Tämän konferenssin teema Dancing … Continue reading

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hollow bone & shamans heart

Many years ago I followed a shamanic training, studying the traditions and tools that it offered. I was curious and totally involved in what it had to share with me. It gave me new tools to explore and much of … Continue reading

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