Soul In Warsaw

Ive just been to Warsaw, to teach Soul Action. I love the people there! Like so many other places I travel to and work within, I really want to get to know the community, a little of the history; and this was  not my strong point in any way at school!

Ben and I visited the war museum, photo exhibitions and monuments in our short time there. I was quite stunned at the depth to which I felt, amongst this culture.

I am learning a lot about the history of our world, what has happened in the minds of men and women. I am curious about how we have sometimes undergone terrible trauma to awaken us and sometimes have not learned how to awaken in any other way, how can we do this differently.

Dancing in Wasaw

Dancing is a great beginning for change. It creates community, togetherness, love and open hearts for each other.

If we are still acting out from places of having been wounded in our lives, then we can never really grow up. So the dance gives us an opportunity to do this de-toxing, cleansing and purifying, so that we begin to learn to communicate from a more empty place in ourselves. One that is not full of hatred for our fellow men.

Thank you Poland dancers, I was so touched by the beautiful tenderness that they connected to each other with.

About Caroline Carey

Caroline, born in 1960, grew up with a love for the wild, for nature, for animals and to dance. She wrote poetry and stories, created theater and explored the art of ritual of which she always held a fascination for. Not being of the academic type and being passionate about mystery, immagination and myth, she chose to spend her time alone with her many animals and the passion she had for ecstatic dance whether indoors or in nature. Her imagination was as wild as her life-style and by adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to Spirit and the spirit guides she became strongly connected to. Mothering her six, (now adult) children, Caroline has learnt the art of play, creativity, story telling and the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood bestows upon us.
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