About Caroline

My name is Caroline and I am 58 this year.  I am very passionate about the work I offer as a medicine woman running workshops and retreats for healing. I hold shamanic gatherings, for the reclaiming of soul and the discovery of our own eco and poetic identities. My main body of work is the Middle Earth Medicine Ways and the Hollow Bone Teachings. I include in my work as much creativity as possible, dance, shamanic journey, ritual & art, women’s work, time in the natural world and creative ‘rites of passage.’

I love to write from my heart and share experiences of my inner-world and the natural world that I love. My passion is in the exploration of human and non-human soul, to liberate the dancer in us and to help us find our own true creative and eco-identity.

I’ve been involved in movement discipline since 1994 and have danced since childhood. I’m passionate about the animal kingdom and I use traditional shamanic techniques to reconnect us to the world and spirit of the primal and innocent.

Carolines books

My first book ‘Ms’Guided Angel’ was published in the summer of 2010, a journey from
sexual abuse, to broken relationships, mothering, dancing and being in service to others. My second book ‘Reclaimed Innocence‘ was published in 2012. My poetry book ‘SHE has a Voice‘ was printed in summer 2013.  This year sees the completion and publishing of my fourth book ‘The Circle The Fire & The Phoenix

I am a very proud Mother of six wonderful (now adult) children, three sons and three daughters and I am a Grandmother of six.

I hope you enjoy my writings on these pages….please click on the right-hand panel for my latest musings.

Website for dance, meditation, healing related experiences www.middleearthmedicine.com

If you would like to sign up for free monthly newsletter and updates on my work worldwide please feel free to contact and do please follow this blog and feel free to share any of my musings. EMAIL

8 Responses to About Caroline

  1. michelhenri says:

    I have learned so much from your words. So glad l have you as a friend

  2. michelhenri says:

    I have strated my second read of your book, its takes me time, but l ove the time it takes. love youX

  3. michelhenri says:

    Dearest Caroline l know l will, you are such a wonderful writer. xxx

  4. Hi Caroline, your blog is beautiful. How can I follow this? such that I get emails when new posts are out 🙂 Thank you, Mairead x

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