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Is your voice a hidden mystery to you?

I remember when my mother asked me what I wanted from Father Christmas, I said I wanted a really big poetry book. Christmas morning it arrived on the end of my bed. It was quite big, considering I was only … Continue reading

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Sharing Voices – One Step At A Time

Words written convey the sounds of our own thoughts mingled with those of the sharer of poetry. As words are listened to, we hear the soul, the heart and the essence of the one who speaks…    One Step At … Continue reading

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Mother wisdom, Mother wit…………

Today’s blog, a piece from my next book. This summer I will sit and write and re-write and make good. Letting words flow through the river of my heart. Hopefully by the end of the summer my next book will … Continue reading

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Hollow Bones

  The old story lingers, finding its way through broken circles, And every now and again forms into a painful experience of ‘not belonging’ Fitting into that same territory of not knowing where my place is and what is needed … Continue reading

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