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the most delicate of petals

The woman’s body, tuned into the natural rhythms, it ebbs and flows and changes with its own seasons. Each part of it ages, just like the leaves from spring to autumn to winter and beyond. And like those leaves the … Continue reading

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The Muse in the Dark

I knew my menopause would ‘happen’ as I turned 50. My claws and my new found wings, Jumping off their pedestal into the dark night. Now is the time to leap! Continue reading

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Mother wisdom, Mother wit…………

Today’s blog, a piece from my next book. This summer I will sit and write and re-write and make good. Letting words flow through the river of my heart. Hopefully by the end of the summer my next book will … Continue reading

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Moderate Changes

It is a turning point in time. As a woman I know exactly what this means yet it is so unfamiliar to me. Everything changes, yet I am still exactly the same, well yes there are moderate changes. Moderate! Was that … Continue reading

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