my cultures wounds

middle-earth-image-owlShamanism is about healing our own cultures wounds – and when I look at the dysfunctions around me I get a glimpse of why I follow this path. I’m not sure that shamanism is always the right description for me, I lean towards the Druids, the Celts, the Witches and their craft, the medicine people of this land and every land has its own descriptions alongside its traditional medicine ways, so `I feel that I ‘fit’ more readily with these paths.
When I see my cultures wounds – the addictions, the alcoholism, the sexual wounds, the dysfunctions and societys labels of shame and guilt – the mental instability and lack of self worth, I am drawn to listen, to learn and to play my part.
I am from these shores, this land and I cannot pretend to be from any other. This is my language and my birth place and I want to do what is right for the here and now.
I might learn much form other cultures, but it must adapt and fit into this language, this way of being and I cannot force any other creed or medicine onto it.
When we shine a light on our deepest wounds – we have the opportunity to heal our own hurts without needing to credit a world that we do not fully understand.
This soil, this ground, these rocks and crevices, the trees and flowers are our medicine and the holders of wisdom that is connected to the cellular structure of our wild and free nature.
Returning to that particular dance inside us, frees the blood and the bones of a made-up-structure that does not fit with the indigenous people we are. We can dance ourselves free of what has been forced upon us – we can release the pressure of ‘having to be.’ We can re-member the turning point where we somehow went wrong and turn once more to face the truth and focus on a path that is in service to Good.

Caroline Carey

About Caroline Carey

Caroline, born in 1960, grew up with a love for the wild, for nature, for animals and to dance. She wrote poetry and stories, created theater and explored the art of ritual of which she always held a fascination for. Not being of the academic type and being passionate about mystery, immagination and myth, she chose to spend her time alone with her many animals and the passion she had for ecstatic dance whether indoors or in nature. Her imagination was as wild as her life-style and by adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to Spirit and the spirit guides she became strongly connected to. Mothering her six, (now adult) children, Caroline has learnt the art of play, creativity, story telling and the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood bestows upon us.
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2 Responses to my cultures wounds

  1. louwatson13 says:

    Thank you Caroline, I can really relate to this. I think because although, obviously the Cultures of other lands are vibrant, beautiful and special, too, sometimes I feel ‘our’ indigenous culture is not regarded as quite as ‘cool’ or as special. And yet what an amazing heritage and ancestry we have, as you allude to, in Celtic, Druidic and Wiccan traditions XX

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