The Poet


Time can pass slowly

in the most unlikely of places

The poet, pen in hand weaves words

and blends them in those dark moments,

Wondering why,

why now,

does this mayhem permeate his souls longing?

Needing that time to be free,

yet continually making the path so hard to bear,

for himself and his own comfort

The poet feeds himself with sorrow,

with discomfort,

in order to find those words,

those songs,

the prose that comes from a broken heart

A wound so deep it takes some crazy mystery

to find out why

A wound carved into his mind

that for years he covers over,

anaesthetising his pain and deep remorse

And on he writes

spelling out the mystery and the dark thoughts from within

Will it end?

Will the pages turn into a new beginning?

A possible new song

that in time becomes medicine for a drunken

dysfunctional world of young blood,

needing the voice of this poet

to help them remember who they really are,

because they know he knows,

They know his heart and they know he sees them

And does the poet continue to write from that dark place.

Knowing it fuels the very artistic creations he requires,

for melancholy reasoning,

to free that wild voice within him,

that frightened voice,

that angry voice.

That voice of a young boy who could not speak out,

yet swallowed pain into his belly,

poisoning his mind against a world who did him wrong!

Can he turn to a new page,

a new poem,

a new way to live this life

A life unsung as yet,

but one that awaits his call

Waits for him to make that simple ‘yes’ to life and living as a free man,

both in his heart as well as his land

Live the life of his true soul,

live the life of his true purpose,

meet the child that needs his gold.

Caroline Carey

About Caroline Carey

Caroline, born in 1960, grew up with a love for the wild, for nature, for animals and to dance. She wrote poetry and stories, created theater and explored the art of ritual of which she always held a fascination for. Not being of the academic type and being passionate about mystery, immagination and myth, she chose to spend her time alone with her many animals and the passion she had for ecstatic dance whether indoors or in nature. Her imagination was as wild as her life-style and by adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to Spirit and the spirit guides she became strongly connected to. Mothering her six, (now adult) children, Caroline has learnt the art of play, creativity, story telling and the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood bestows upon us.
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