Community at home

We have landed ourselves in  a little cottage in Devon, next to the moors and rural landscapes. Everyday I feel an immense gratitude for being here, for being blessed in this way. Tears of joy and an opening of my heart emerges continually as I relax more and more deeply into being here. I haven’t cried in this way for quite awhile!

It is a very small cottage and I am liking it! I had to have big houses for most of my adult life, because that’s what my six children needed, although there were times when we crammed ourselves into very small homes out of necessity for awhile, like tents, caravans, benders, a converted bus and such like. But of course what came with a big house and six children was a lot of housework! Cleaning, tidying, moving things around and all the IMG_4335rigmarole of keeping it together and moving on to the next day, to do it all again.

Here now in this little cottage our focus can be more on our work but also the very simple care needed to keep this little place looked after. It is my very first experience of living as a couple without the responsibility of a baby or children, since I was 16 years old.
Yes the life of just the two of us has begun!
And we are living so simply, with our basic needs, no need for more space to take up, we have our yurt to dance in and a place to nurture ourselves when we are not traveling and IMG_4340working.

And then there is the garden. I am taking some time to get to know the trees and plants here, add a few of my own and purchase a few new ones for where there’s an empty gap.
I’ve been carrying my plants around with me for many years now. Some are quite large like my very tall Mimosa who has come from Ireland, she was first given to me as a teeny shoot about 17 years ago and now every time we move she manages to get a broken branch or two, she was even broken in half as a little one by my too friendly cat at the time, who tried to climb on her, but she bounces back to health every time as soon as she knows where she is and settles in with her other potted friends around her.

We have quite a special relationship, Mimosa IMG_4330and I! Sharing a few moments together, she feels like a special friend who has partaken on many journeys with me as we have traveled and settled, uprooting ourselves time and time again. She looks a lot like one of my altars, carrying various hearts and dangling objects. The arrows that I broke on my throat during a couple of ceremonies, sit in her soil as well as an old piece of wood that my maternal grandfather found on one of his walks on the beach. It is the shape of an otter and he added to it bead blue eyes. It sits there beneath Mimosa as I am reminded of my Grandfathers love for gathering odd and strange objects and transforming them into something new and exciting! There are little gifts hanging there from others I have been at rituals with and there are some little pieces of art that my children have made as well as some old bones that lie amongst the stones in the pot.
In the evening Mimosa through her sensitivity closes up her leaves and goes to sleep, drawing herself in until the morning light again when she opens up in her full beauty embracing the sunshine and warmth of the day.IMG_4338

And all the other plants in the house, each one with a different personality and need, have their place and position in the house-hold, friends to myself and each other. Yes I may be seen as one of those crazy old ladies who talks to plants and animals but it has come as second nature to me, recognizing the spirit in each one and treating them thus.

So now getting to know this new garden, I am curious as to who the spirits are that dwell here?
Each shrub and tree, each corner of weeds and the little flowers amidst the grass, the ferns and long grasses, the sounds they make in the wind and in those quiet moments when only a whisper is heard, I am listening to the tiniest bird sound, the bumble of the bee and the IMG_4343fluttering wings that take flight as soon as we approach. We are getting to know this land of spirit, for nature is the manifestation of IMG_4337spirit, as is all things.

‘Nature is the visible face of spirit.’

It is a very small garden, it will not take a huge amount of work, but it is surrounded by a vast open moorland and hilltops to explore and many walks through woodlands that draw me in. The ‘micro’ for me is in the IMG_4341taking care of the small details of this little garden, knowing where I am living and most importantly who I am living with. For this is my most immediate community, the inner and outer of the natural field in my life. Those now closest to me, the responsibility I now have for each of these beings, their watering, their food, ensuring the conditions suit them and what other needs they might have.

Mostly it is about love for the natural world, for my own world and the responsibility I have to take care of the small IMG_4344things, thus enforcing the bigger wider love of being in the world, of manifesting care for our planet.
How are your plant friends today?



About Caroline Carey

Caroline, born in 1960, grew up with a love for the wild, for nature, for animals and to dance. She wrote poetry and stories, created theater and explored the art of ritual of which she always held a fascination for. Not being of the academic type and being passionate about mystery, immagination and myth, she chose to spend her time alone with her many animals and the passion she had for ecstatic dance whether indoors or in nature. Her imagination was as wild as her life-style and by adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to Spirit and the spirit guides she became strongly connected to. Mothering her six, (now adult) children, Caroline has learnt the art of play, creativity, story telling and the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood bestows upon us.
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