Dancing In My Circle

Dancing in my cauldron, the circle around me, I feel my breath. Without motion there is no dance, without e-motion there is no dance – for I dance the being that is alive in my heart, freeing her so she can live her life more fully – sometimes there is no where to go but in, deeply touching the soul of the being I love.Image

And then the spirit calls to me from the atmosphere and the nature that is around me, sharing with me its lightness and its shadow as I take the dancer into the world, there is no escape from the dance of soul, exploring a deep crevice of forgotten tales, yet the spirit keeps me free of the sticky dark solitude that the soul knows of its own shadow. The shadow that wants to draw me in too soon, to lose me in its depths and swallow the possibility of sharing this story.

A turning point in my life shows me it is the right time to make some changes and to embrace a new passage into creation. Into a time of careful consideration to all that is ready to manifest itself.

I feel the veil lifting and guiding me to greater possibilities – this is a powerful time for us all – a knowing time and holds a vibrancy deeply connected to that same soul within each cell and each story.

I am dancing my words onto the page, as they pour out without any knowledge of what they might be in the end – I am noticing the need to keep that one reference to the spirit that is outside myself. The spirit that moves freely around us, that sings in the tree tops and moves with the wind.

Keeping my attention on the essence of that visible face of spirit reminds me not to forget that I am here, that I am not lost in a story and I am not dwelling too much in my past.

There is life around me and that is still part of the story and I can create what ever I want from it.

How open are these portals and how much are we willing to open our own? There is care needing to be taken, for when open fully we can connect to too much energy and leave ourselves sucked from and open to trauma and madness that really is not our own, yet open we must, or life will force its own story on us and make head-lines of our frailty and inability to let go of the drama.

So I dance and make reference to that small witch like creature in the corner, she plays her drum and calls to the fire once her circle is strong around her. There is no knowing what the fire will illuminate for her, but illuminate it will and the path will become clearer as she looks out with steely eyes at what is being hatched and brought to life.

Her connection to the three worlds is alive and her journey is to visit each one and give each one as much importance as the other. Keeping these worlds alive and allowing the veils between each one to thin a little more with every journey she takes.

Stirring our own cauldron the journeys enter into the soup of creativity and bring the stories more and more alive. Returning each one to the home of the cauldron, allowing the manifestation of the mystery to blend and unfold its magic.

About Caroline Carey

Caroline, born in 1960, grew up with a love for the wild, for nature, for animals and to dance. She wrote poetry and stories, created theater and explored the art of ritual of which she always held a fascination for. Not being of the academic type and being passionate about mystery, immagination and myth, she chose to spend her time alone with her many animals and the passion she had for ecstatic dance whether indoors or in nature. Her imagination was as wild as her life-style and by adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to Spirit and the spirit guides she became strongly connected to. Mothering her six, (now adult) children, Caroline has learnt the art of play, creativity, story telling and the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood bestows upon us.
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2 Responses to Dancing In My Circle

  1. michelhenri says:

    I am so very blessed that you are now my friend. God Bless you and family. Michel xxx

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