Writing the storms

  1. Yesterday we had thunder and lightning for hours on end and into the night. Its been quite startling really, blue flashes arriving into the kitchen, thunder crackling over head, the four cats have been hiding in corners and our little dog, Muffin, having a bark at each opportunity. I  am feeling quiet and yet this storm breaks all around me.There was not much sleeping to be had as I felt the energy rising and falling amidst the sound of the waves on the sea in the distance. Night time is a good time for me to write, with the help of the dream time it provokes in me strong imagery and a sense of the thinning veils between light and dark.

    The moon has been full and now wanes, slipping silently back into its darker side. A good companion for me as I listen to the wind and write my words, never really knowing what is going to emerge, through my hands onto a key board or into a journal.

    Words as mysterious to me as each wave is to the mighty ocean. They pass through and slip into sentences creating more waves of imagination and inspiring me to write and to keep writing, to simply see what is coming next. I’ve no idea and yet some how it flows, like a river rambling along with its undercurrents, turning rocks and stones and washing away old forgotten memories as they float off into the distance, never to return except for those moments when I happen to pass an old stone wall or dangling branch that caught them in their hurry to be free.

    I have a particular way of writing usually. Immersing myself within the ‘story’ what ever that may be wether its a piece of my history or writing about a meeting in nature, I find myself ‘inside’ it, seeing into its colors and shapes, feeling its boundaries its edges and listening to its sounds. My being withdraws into the mystery of it and I become part of it. This is where the words flow from.

    Sometimes, especially if it is a piece of history this can be challenging as it may awaken all manner of feelings, but it makes the writing come to life and ‘be’ what ever it is I am writing about.
    Ms’Guided Angel was written mostly in this way. I’ve heard people say they felt completely transported into my life, well that is where it was written from, deep in its depths of memory.

    Now writing the film script for Ms’G, I am not only transporting myself in to history but looking at how that can be directed into a film and played over a screen. How will it catch the eye, depict the essence of some of what was happening? How will it be understood visually and also not just be entertaining and intriguing, but be a useful source of information about life?

    Of course it will not be exactly as it was, there will be all sorts of changes, else we’ll have a rather long film and some impossible scenarios to depict, but its a start and an exciting and very inspiring project. Having Ben to help me with this is such a blessing, his talent for cinematography means that we can picture these scenes together and play with ideas, story board them and bring them to life. I am so amazed at what you can do with CGI!

    Follow these pages I shall let you know how it unfolds………

    To see Ms’Guided Angel you can visit this page on my website http://www.alchemyinmovement.com/book.html

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About Caroline Carey

Caroline is an English Grandmother and an aspiring crone~elder, an author of four books, a speaker and innovative and creative teacher, offering her work via workshops and gatherings online as well as internationally. By adapting the religious education insisted on by her family, she was able to recognise her own innate connection to God/Spirit and has been on a spiritual path since childhood. She is a champion of music, dance and poetry as healing tools since she was four years old and developed an innate understanding of the soul’s journey, a connection to physical embodiment through movement, theatre and the creative arts. Her work is harmonious with nature. Her journey has manifested as her own personal training into eldership and crone-hood, carrying the wisdom needed for stability and balance in individuals, relationships, families and communities. Mothering her six, now adult, children, gave Caroline the art of play, creativity, story-telling and opened up the deep surrender and unconditional love that motherhood can bestow. Caroline has trained in many modalities of dance, therapeutic and spiritual teacher trainings since 1986. She is a writer who has published her autobiography and four other books about her spiritual work. Her latest book, 'Middle Earth Wisdom' will be published soon. She lives in UK with her husband Ben Cole, a film-maker, a director who works with men’s initiation groups. They often offer work together, incorporating dance, presentation and film. Caroline is: A mother and grandmother A writer and poet A dancer A spiritual life coach A catalyst for change She is available to you for guidance
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